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The president has seen his shadow – two more years of bad weather!

The won percent.

Well, that was depressing.

Mission accomplished!

Fairytale elections? The “magic wand” was money.

I still say we need another box on the ballot that says “none of the above”!

Keslowski/Gordon, Hagan/Tillis. What’s the difference?

Sixth thing the Panthers must do to make the playoffs: Bench Cam.

Playoffs? The Panthers? Hahahahahaha!

My CMS kindergartner knew it was Anti-Bullying Month. Guess Dr. Morrison didn’t.

What if Morrison stays and the board resigns?

You can’t help wondering who Morrison ticked off.

Forget a new chief. Apply the $288,000 to teacher raises!

Now, please oh please, can we hire Ann Clark?

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