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Keystone Cop-out?

Who produces more sludge? Char-Meck Utilities or the CMS board?

Let Chiquita pay off the NASCAR Hall loan and call it even.

If the City starts charging by the pound for trash, I’ll stop picking it up off the street.

Next front-page headline: “Cannon eats first meal as a prisoner.”

Hey media, Cannon is a criminal, not a rock star!

Three-party system: Democrats, Republicans and Obama!

Snookered: syn. “Grubered.”

Gruber’ss rongg. We dimacratt’s new wat wuz in obmacar.

Obama says illegal immigrants will do jobs Americans won’t – like vote for Democrats!

Thanksgiving isn’t a religious holiday. Get over it and get to work!

Too late to rescind my 6-10 prediction for the Panthers?

Sincere thanks to all men in the public eye who shave every day.

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