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Can I have the coal ash I’m paying for dumped at Duke’s front door?

Pat McCrory: a wholly-owned subsidiary of Duke.

Cannon/Madoff/Martha Stewart – all small potatoes compared to Wall Street’s misdeeds.

What’s next, tolls on Providence and Randolph roads?

Tolls on U.S. 74 and I-77 somehow make the streetcar seem desirable.

Only a four-hour ethics seminar for new lawmakers? No wonder we’re in trouble.

Cam’s new cologne? “The smell of defeat.”

Sure wish I’d waited til this year to buy that PSL.

If you want to score, don’t wear Cam’s new cologne.

Senate mantra: Yes to imported illegals, no to imported oil.

Mary, Mary quite contrary, how big will Morrison’s lawsuit grow?

Chiquita exec gets golden parachute – Charlotte gets a rotten peel.

Now I get it! UNC athletes get a customized education, right?

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