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Gosh, Mr. President, that’s not what they meant by “execute the law.”

Mow your own yard, clean your own house and illegal immigration will take care of itself.

Always wondered how it’d be to live under a king.

Much prefer an emperor to a do-nothing Congress.

So if enough people break a law, we change the law?

Republicans just want to work with the president. Yeah, right.

Obama just created 5M more votes for Hillary.

So who’s pullin’ Gov. McDuke’s puppet strings now?

You used the cheap electricity, so stop whining about the cleanup.

So it’s the cologne that smells, not the Panthers?

Fragrance? Clothing line? Cam’s back-up plan, maybe.

The middle schooler in the Forum made more sense than the adults. Please give him a regular column.

Watch out Carolinas – a herd of Buffalo may be moving this way.

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