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Toll roads, extra fees for garbage pickup, mayor in jail; I’m outta here!

So how much are you making off my recyclables, and where’s my cut?

The FSU shooter was a member of which well regulated militia?

Obama’s White House – new home of the Whopper.

That’s not an influx of 5M illegals. It’s a Democratic “Get out the Vote” effort.

If you can’t educate, agitate. Obama took the House to school.

A guy who runs a weed-whacker is not a “highly skilled” worker!

Apparently the president is the only one willing to do any work in Washington.

Washington, year 2020: The United States of Mexicana elects its first Latino president, a Democrat.

Let Duke’s fat cats refund some bonus money before billing me for their mistakes.

Words are not cheap. UNC Chapel Hill report cost $2,400 per page!

Cam has the PR figured out. It’s the QB he needs to work on!

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