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Benghazi – Sen. Graham’s white whale.

Obama pardons turkey, GOP threatens lawsuit.

Don’t believe N.C. is among the nation’s largest turkey producers? Check out Raleigh and D.C.

I guess Black Friday is OK, but Green Thur$day makes me see red.

Garbage proposal. Exactly!

Garbage in, garbage out.

Next Duke will want me to pay for their commercials where they blow smoke up my ash!

Wait for the GOP’s immigration plan. It’ll be ready right after the health care one.

Don’t like executive orders? Pass a bill and it goes away.

An executive order to secure the border would’ve made sense – but why start being sensible now?

The Hunger Games – what America looks like under the GOP.

Remember when “60 Minutes” was really good?

Tried treating my Panther pain with a dose of Hornets – it got worse!

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