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Relax Mr. Pitts, Obama has impeachment insurance, Joe Biden.

Guess Secretary Hagel has finished his expose.

Heath Morrison: “Et tu Ann”?

Concrete Roses – aka Stone’s Rosy Cash Cow.

“There's two sets of laws: One for the po-lice and one for the ordinary citizen.” – Gomer Pyle.

When you’re armed with ignorance, justice is not achievable.

Getting news without “spin” is like going to NYC, ordering iced tea and expecting it to be sweet!

OK media, you finally have Lois Lerner’s emails. Now pretend she’s Sarah Palin and start digging!

Wish those who call Obama a Socialist actually knew what the term meant.

Could you seriously imagine Lindsey Graham admitting he was wrong on Benghazi? Me either.

Could it be Rush is right?

Tried Cam’s cologne. Had an overwhelming urge to cover my head with a towel.

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