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Sorry Checkers, but the Panthers/Knights/Hornets already scored that tax hat-trick.

How ’bout we take money wasted on an economic mobility council and give it to the poor?

Worst economic mobility in the nation and we’re arguing about garbage?

You can’t open your mind about immigration until you open your heart.

Boy, E.J. Dionne sure drinks a lot of Kool-Aid!

Obama’s call for a “conversation” was lost amid the rioting on the other side of the split screen.

How does looting and arson achieve justice?

What would Martin Luther King do?

Heath’s mistake: Not realizing he had to treat CMS employees like CMS kids or they’d tell the principal.

Is Ann Clark’s ringtone the O’Jays’ “Back Stabbers”?

If Ann Clark will take the heat, give her the job!

S.C. can be mighty proud of Lindsey Graham.

Make Joe Biden Secretary of Defense. He needs a job.

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