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Somebody needs to put mistletoe above Fuller’s and Cotham’s chairs.

The GOP is tilting at immigration windmills.

Common Core lacks common sense.

Al Sharpton – Ambassador of Social Unrest?

There is none so blind as he who will not read the Ferguson transcript.

The biggest loser is:

(a) ticket holders

(b) fans

(c) taxpayers

(d) all of the above

Darn Obama and these low gasoline prices!

All I want for Christmas is an Obama government shutdown.

Of all the good choices we can make, why do we choose ignorance?

Obama’s relationship with DOD strained? Try nonexistent.

McAdenville you’ve done it again! Bravo.

Cam’s new fragrance – came on strong, faded too soon.

I’d submit more Buzzes but it’s hard to make a rant pithy.

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