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Gruber to be grilled, well-done please!

Pat McCrory – The Toll Roads Governor.

If only Obama understood that we’re the ones he’s torturing.

All the CIA had to do was ask nicely... Right?

Did Lynn Good graduate from the Enron School of Public Relations?

Seat back entertainment? I’d rather have larger seats, American.

$2B in upgrades will likely result in employment downgrades.

Money for Knights, Bobcats, Panthers, Checkers. Might as well send the check to Quail Hollow now!

The Kochs don’t replot courses, they correct their leftward deviation.

OK N.C. legislature, your 1st payment is due on your debt to the Koch brothers. Pay up!

By all means, let the GOP nominee in 2016 be Ted Cruz.

All this second-guessing of the grand juries leaves me breathless.

Wow, who were those guys in the Panthers uniforms?

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