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The Democratic Party has hit Barack bottom.

“No actionable intelligence.” Enough said.

Throwing the CIA under the bus, very brave, very stupid, or both!

Eric Snowden a hero, Dianne Feinstein the enemy? Call it both ways, GOP.

Gee, $2.50 gas without building a pipeline.

Charlotte – America’s fastest growing city without a completed beltway.

The Saints put a hex on Cam.

VA bus stop is one block from the VA facility. C’mon man!

Fight government waste, cut the Defense budget in half.

“Hope and Change”? More like “Cope and Blame.”

Congress and Obama are causing me acid reflux too.

See, even Obama can’t stomach his policies anymore.

Jeb, please don’t!

My favorite holiday sound: The sound of the furnace not coming on.

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