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Harry Reid says he’s going to “block the crazy stuff.” You’re six years too late, Harry!

Next time, call an activist instead of a cop. See who arrives first.

Enhanced interrogation? So stealing is enhanced borrowing?

Can’t wait for the long-awaited report on al-Qaida’s treatment of 9/11 victims.

Torture is wrong – no matter what the CIA calls it.

Whatever happened to “loose lips sink ships”?

Darth Cheney assurances aside, use of torture is a slippery slope.

Gruber apologizes for lying about Obamacare. Wish Obama would.

Dems sure took li’l Jonny Gruber to the woodshed.

No problem. All the amateur ambassadors speak one key language: Bungledish.

Bev brought us a way to get I-485 done. Pat brings us tolls.

C’mon, it’s a quarterback missing one game!

Real question is why was Cam driving a 1998 truck?

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