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Cause of the CIA’s current torture tsunami: Cyclone Cheney.

An eye for an eye.

Before you vigorously defend CIA’s actions, maybe you take off your WWJD bracelet.

Is somebody in Hell messing with the thermostat? I’m finding myself agreeing with Sen. McCain!

Hear that? It’s the sound of America toppling down from it’s moral high-ground.

McCain’s a critic of torture, yet he unleashed Palin on the Lower 48.

Sen Feinstein, remember Hanoi Jane?

The greatest coach in the world couldn’t teach the GOP to play hardball.

Dear Professor Perry, nice view from your comfy ivory tower.

Richard Vinroot just confirmed what Republicans always thought. He’s a liberal.

There are a few trees left in Fort Mill. Why not 650 more homes?

Newest thrill-ride coming to Carowinds in 2016 – The I-485 Loop.

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