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Wonder how many Chinese school districts are cutting back on homework?

Dear TWC, Our monthly bill now exceeds our car payment. We decided to keep the car.

Holiday results are in: Santa clobbered Jesus.

Note to Hawaii: If you like him, you can keep him. Period.

Seems the Bermuda Triangle has moved to Malaysia.

Blue lives matter.

Let’s start by calling them the police, not cops.

Remember when the U.S. used to win wars – not simply end them?

C-O-N-G-R-E-S-S: Con Our Nation, Get Re-elected, Exhort Sordid Sums.

Almost got taken by the IRS scam. Then, I realized the government doesn’t work on Saturdays.

Best way to get people to a fourth-rate movie? Create an international incident.

Maybe Justin Bieber will hop on his new jet and fly back to reality.

Years ago I resolved to kick the New Year’s resolution thing. Best resolution ever!

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