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Mr. Battle says he did things right. Mr. Davis wants to do the right thing.

The NYC library will return Winnie-the-Pooh as soon as The British Museum returns the Elgin Marbles to Greece.

Play nice Concord or Bruton may take his toys to another sandbox!

Charlotte could learn a thing or two from Cabarrus on the Speedway. Just say no.

Buzz off Bruton!

Sure hope NYC Mayor de Blasio doesn’t have to call 911.

Simply Putin, vaunted “reset” failed – vaunted sanctions tell us so.

Saving American lives puts Cheney on my “nice” list.

Unfortunately for gun control, NRA has a powerful ally: the Second Amendment.

DOW over 18,000-point mark – recovery in spite of the Republicans.

So all I need is a trailer, orange cone and leaf blower to block any major traffic lane? Got it.

Wise men don’t repaint Mona Lisa, re-construct Myers Park, re-vamp “Annie.”

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