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Love the lower gas prices! Keep fracking!

If we don’t improve the infrastructure, we’re going to need all those uptown apartments!

That Family Dollar saga is getting as old as “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.”

Many thoughtful Catholics think the Pope’s getting too big for his miter.

Obama a Socialist/Marxist? Explain record wealth, market high, Comrade!

The president signals his readiness to work with Congress with veto threats?

2-year-old kills mom at Walmart. What if it had been an innocent shopper?

My taxes are paying for others to have better health care than I can afford.

Just so I understand, it’s only Republican tax cheats who have to resign?

Surprise, surprise, lower energy prices makes a stronger economy.

I must’ve missed Obama’s prime-time condemnation of the NYC police killings.

Cops could make a fortune ticketing left lane blockers.

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