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Bet the NASCAR Hall of Fame could make money in a tourist city like Daytona.

Will the City Of Charlotte write off my tax bill?

Big hog farms’ treatment of neighbors, black and white, really stinks.

Hey Yankee! It’s y’all. And in the mountains, it’s you’ns.....

When Republicans said no it was OK; if Obama says no it’s No Way!

Why doesn’t the new Congress start work on Monday like the rest of us?

As a woman in 2015, I LOVE this pope … and his miter.

Today’s commute: 2.4 miles. Red lights: 8. Number of cars running red lights: 9. And the argument against traffic cameras is what?

Not understanding what a “socialist” is doesn’t make you an idiot. Using the word anyway does.

Rejoiced too soon. Thought it was the Observer itself that was up for sale.

Do we have anyone calling for Dave Gettleman to be fired now?

Now if only Seattle would play its 3rd string QB...

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