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Insurance Commissioner Goodwin is a rare gem in the N.C. legislative rock pile.

At his request, let’s send Don Reid to Cuba ASAP.

Outstanding lawyers are plentiful. Outstanding school superintendents are not!

City’s $37M proposal for the sports complex should begin with “Once upon a time...”

Why not use that bottomless bucket of streetcar money to repay the NASCAR loan?

GOP takes control of Congress. Market takes a dive.

Castro or Koch? Obama is backing the wrong brothers.

Guess who really pays for Medicaid expansion – and it’s not Obama.

I’m a Republican, and I hope Obama’s veto pen slashes hard and deep.

Many “thoughtful Catholics” believe Pope Francis is just what we needed.

Riverboat Ron got to see a real team save his home and belongings!

Panthers playoff win gave me a warm and Fozzy feeling.

Use the Force, Luke.

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