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State school board and students = Dumb and Dumber.

Anybody think the Meck tax assessor’s office is ready to manage a two-car funeral?

Bet Johnny Harris has wanted to blow up the Observer building for a long time.

Can’t bank on NASCAR any longer.

Banks bailed out. NASCAR bailed out. Rest of us are on our own.

Panthers odds are still better than the NFL handling the next scandal properly.

Do ya think Boehner’s golf tan comes from being on the job?

Pelosi getting kissed by Boehner looks like Lucy being kissed by Snoopy.

On the bright side, the view from your N.C. ocean-front home keeps getting better.

Without LeBron my Hornets tix are depreciating faster than my Outer Banks house!

Once upon a time, driving 90 in a 60-mph zone was known as speeding.

Litter bugs, the world may be your oyster but it’s not your trash can.

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