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Nothing like an injured sports star to make an intersection safer.

If I put NASCAR stickers all over my car, will the banks forgive my loan?

Reason for NASCAR Hall low attendance: Can’t chew or spit inside.

The more students are babied the bigger babies they become.

N.C. Board of Ed must think its student body is “too big to fail.”

Can’t wait for fracking in N.C.! Why should Texas get all the new earthquakes?

Leonard Pitts Pittses me off.

Tom Toles is the name if elephants are your (only) game. Zzzz.

“Democrats stuck in 1979”? “1984” is more like it.

Jihadists have no more to do with Islam than the Klan does with Christianity.

Take note USA, the French don’t mess around with terrorists!

Bet drug companies find a way to extract antibiotic gold from that dirt.

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