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“For $1,000 you get a brick. For $19 million...”

Time for the checkered flag at the NASCAR Hall of Fame!

Airports are noisy. Farms are smelly. Some folks are just unrealistic.

Think college is expensive now? ...Wait till it’s free.

What ever happened to working to pay for your own education?

Free community college will cost taxpayers $60B! Well, bless your heart!

Wouldn’t Dr. King love that we honor his sacrifice by taking the day off to – snow ski?

Is CMS a school system or a law firm?

Gen. Petraeus: The man who won the war in Iraq only to be prosecuted by the man who lost it.

Forty major world leaders marched in France. Should’ve been 41.

Thanks Superman. We mortals could not get any improvements by CDOT.

Just passed the new art installation at Exit 28; No need to worry it’ll slow traffic.

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