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Charter dreams, financial schemes?

Memorial stadium, professional sports, $18M – sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Can’t wait for Dollar Wars IV – The Return of the Levine.

You couldn’t pay me to go to the NASCAR Hall of Fame now!

NASCAR Hall: an overpriced, center-city shrine to Richard Petty.

I’m all for police body cameras, but $7M for 1,400 cameras?

That 10-point grading scale is designed to give teachers better grades, not students.

White House meetings – like the Crips meeting the Bloods.

If only France had held an anti-terrorism golf tournament...

Obama apologizes for not going to Paris. Still waiting for Bush to apologize for going to Iraq.

I hate it when a waitress calls me sweetie, but it does save me a little tip money.

OK. I’ll stop with the sweeties, honeys, and you guys. How does fuddy-dud sound?

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