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You forgot one closing on MLK Day – the new lane on I-485!

Gerrymandering ensures Rucho’s tone-deaf constituency applaud every sour note he hits.

Busch drives a 5,000-pound missile and he’s worried about his ex being a “killer”?

NASCAR Hall flopped because there weren’t any RV hookups in the parking lot.

Obama wants access to a faster Internet. I want access to a job.

Free college tuition... Wish we could calculate the cost of ignorance.

And the reason we don’t have seat belts on school buses is?

Oh great! My bank made $23B last year and paid me $1.28 in interest.

John McCain loves him some government check. Talk about cradle to the grave!

Luke Kuechly – the “Rocky” of football.

Please stop dog-earring library book pages. It’s lazy and rude.

Went out to dinner with savings from gas prices. Got my BCBS bill. Back to hotdogs.

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