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Open the !&%#! lane!

Build something, pay for it, but don’t use it. That could only happen in government.

Duke’s Religion Department needs a course in reality.

Forget Duke, how do we end Franklin Graham’s chants?

Franklin must wear a “What Would Jesus Not Do” bracelet.

East Charlotte has a word for Muslims – neighbors.

There are no winners in the Dollar war.

Hey Diocese, what happened to “who am I to judge”?

Be fair – the Pope’s political opinions are as good as the next man’s.

Petraeus “won the Iraq War”? Let me know when you take off your “Mission Accomplished” goggles!

Republicans now control House and Senate. There goes the environment.

GOP’s big plan for 2016? Reboot Romneybot 3.0!

Just what America needs, 11 tips on how to take selfies.

Whose side is David Gettleman on?

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