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It’s not good when it’s the medical examiner who’s brain dead.

Robin Hood speaks to the nation Tuesday.

That’s not a new lane on I-485 – it’s storage for NCDOT traffic barrels.

Duke’s elite academia just found out what it’s like to get hit with the Bible Belt.

The 2016 GOP primary is going to be a circus!

Make room in the clown car, here comes Lindsey “We’re all going to die” Graham!

Lindsey Graham for president? Has it come to that?

Who taught the GOP the beautiful art of gerrymandering?

Should’ve been violins playing in the background of that Phil McCrory piece.

He ain’t heavy, he’s my partner.

Would Mitt’s Bain Capital invest a third time in a twice-failed business?

As bad as the N.C. legislature gets, S.C. just keeps lowering the bar.

What’s next? Frankenroach vs. Mothrabot?

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