The Buzz 07.30.16

Pikachu for president?

Hillary chose Kaine because she’s not able.

Putin – the newest member of the vast right-wing conspiracy?

Does this make Trump “The Siberian Candidate”?

While you’re hacking, see if you can find Trump’s tax return.

I’m not with her.

Is the GOP trying to muzzle Trump by reducing him to a Tweety Bird?

Never thought I’d see the VFW cheer for a draft dodger who trashed a war hero!

Jennifer cut off Charlotte’s nose to spite N.C.’s face.

It’s over between Sir Raleigh and Queen Charlotte!

Forty years of building the Charlotte brand, five months to undo it.

Mayor Roberts, only you can start forest fires.

Mr. Silver seems more interested in gold than human rights in China.

Amber Alert: The Buzz has wandered off again.