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“No longer campaigning.” Could’ve fooled me.

Sweet SOTU. Pie in the sky for Dems, pie in the face for GOP!

GOP wants to help middle class – only they consider Wall Street the middle class.

Even an N.C. ME would realize Obama’s fanciful spending schemes are DOA.

Did Art Pope just buy himself a university?

Forget hog castration, Joni. Keystone needs tubal ligation!

Whatever Franklin Graham is for, I am against.

Movie review: Our snipers are good guys, their snipers are bad guys.

Phil McCrory gets an A+ for bromance.

Alaska gets a bridge to nowhere. We get a trolley to the hospital?

Dog-eared library book pages? At least someone is still reading real books!

You must have graded the Panthers on a 10-point scale.

Consider this when Buzzing: Edison failed 10,000 times inventing the light bulb.

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