The Buzz 08.05.16

Mr. Khan should send his pocket Constitution to the N.C. legislature.

Trump’s trek to the Oval Office waylaid by “The Wrath of Khan.”

I’m voting for whoever runs the fewest ads!

The S.S. Trump is slowly sinking.

My Clinton fatigue has turned into total burnout.

New Trump cabinet post: Secretary of Apology?

Mike Pence: Chief Janitor?

Clinton for president? That’s Hillary-ous!

Sarah Palin can see Russia stealing our votes from her house!

Going to change my name to “None of the Above” and become president!

To heck with shady politics. I’m ready for some football!

On your mark, get set, Zika.

Major League Soccer. Another stadium and a streetcar to get there?

Sounds like the Panthers are “Feeling the Vern”!

Four days without the Buzz is three days too long.