The Buzz 08.07.16

New video game invented by Gov. Pat: NBA Go.

The bathroom ordinance was born in a bakery. Makes sense. It’s a half-baked idea.

HB2 in a movie review? How liberal of you!

Brazil needs to field a world class HazMat team.

Sure hope the government is hacking the hackers.

$400M to Iran? Hope their first nuke has Obama’s name on it.

Trump to nuke rockets: “You’re fired! Oops.”

If Dems want a female president, give us a candidate without so much baggage.

When will Trump show us his stable of unicorns?

Considering the choices for president, is it too late to sign up for the Mars trip?

Sure miss “Lying Ted.”

Careful, Observer. If it’s not Trump it’ll be Cruz.

Make UNCC affordable – eliminate student athletic fees!

Lochte’s light-blue hair? He has been swimming in Rio...