The Buzz 08.06.16

How many wild pitches does Donald get before the GOP yanks him from the mound?

Trump must be a Democrat. He’s doing everything he can to destroy the Republicans.

Pence is truly following the elephant in the parade!

Trump not qualified? So what? Didn’t bother the last three.

Buyer’s remorse, GOP?

I’d rather fail a lie detector test than an IQ test.

Commander-in-chief? He doesn’t even have command of his own tongue.

Republican revolution, devolution or evolution?

Webster’s updated abbreviation for arrogance: UNC.

UNC is the new OJ.

Roy, if you’re not going to do your job: You’re fired!

N.C. income tax may be down, but McCrory managed to tax everything else.

If you’re going to brush your hair while driving, at least stay out of the left lane.