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What’s with all the scaffolding on the Capitol dome? They installing some backbone?

“Governor seeks options for unused lane...” Must be the road to re-election.

Always a bridesmaid – never a Superintendent.

CMS should’ve hired Ann Clark a long time ago.

Will Google Fiber make us world class 100x faster?

N.C. coast threatened by Hurricane Tillis.

Atta boy Thom, show the Koch brothers what you’re made of.

Do Burr and Tillis have any idea why it’s called The Graveyard of the Atlantic?

Oil-soaked beaches – the final touch in N.C.’s “Mississippi Makeover.”

Teachers in prisons are good. More in schools is even better!

Why the GOP hates teachers: My daddy’s, daddy’s, daddy said unions were bad.

Time to wave the black flag on the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Hope the Patriots’ ball boy can dodge that bus he’s been thrown under.

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