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Out of milk and bread, so I’m grabbing my car keys, wallet and my Luger for a quick trip to the store.

CMS Wars... I can’t tell if Clark is the Emperor and Battle is Darth Vader, or vice versa.

If a store clerk doesn’t believe in gambling, does she have to sell lottery tickets?

I don’t hate guns, only the loose cannons who seem to carry them.

At $5K each, those body cams must be bulletproof.

Obama backpedaled again. Hard to draw a red line in the ocean.

New government logic: Taxpayers saved $18M on a lane they can’t use.

Congress has become a roach motel. People go in, but never come out.

Thanks, Civitas, for listing my heroes!

The Civitas Institute: Defending your freedom to be paranoid.

Looks like NASCAR Hall supporters will be holding their next meeting in a phone booth.

Close Bruton’s speedway, put grandstands on I-485.

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