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That extra lane on I-485 would have really helped on I-77.

Justin Bieber has demonstrated again that he is one egg short of a dozen.

If retreads are the best GOP has to offer, time to change my affiliation.

Don’t go away sad Mitt, just go away.

“Goliath” Koch brothers have thrown down the gauntlet. Is American democracy up for the challenge?

Mike Huckabee, defender of the Constitution – as long as you think like he does.

First Baptist won’t let religion interfere with its politics.

Mr. Castro and I agree on one thing: We don’t trust the U.S. government.

Can the White House please assign some adults to deal with Israel?

If CMPD and troopers stopped enforcing traffic laws, would anyone notice?

Will BofA loan me millions if I promise to pay them back by selling bricks?

Think I’ll stop getting the Observer. I’m getting old and can’t lean that far left.

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