The Buzz 08.13.16

Trump speech model: Fire! Aim! Ready!

Fear among Clinton fact-checkers – they’ll run out of Pinocchios.

Trump staff motto: Trying to make sense out of nonsense.

How do we know a “short circuit” won’t set off a nuclear missile?

What if we had a presidential election and no one voted?

Top reasons to vote Johnson: 1.) He ain’t Trump. 2.) He ain’t Hillary.

What do Hillary and UNC have in common? Both are above the law.

Seems “Evangelical” is now a political party.

Only issue I want addressed this election: End Daylight Savings Time!

Gov. McCrory is the Tin Man with a full GOP oil can who can’t understand he needs a heart.

Unruly students = bus driver shortage.

So glad the Buzz is back. Now my blood pressure is back up!

So glad they interrupted the commercials for a few minutes of Olympic sports.