Trump backers, we have questions


The hundreds of elected Republicans still backing Donald Trump, some enthusiastically, better start prepping for interviews – the ones after the election. We’ve got questions:

You claimed Trump was better than Hillary Clinton. Considering his racist, misogynist and hateful comments; unsteady temperament; pathological lying; dearth of knowledge; constant rhetorical blunders; association with apologists for Vladimir Putin and affection for dictators, is that really true?

If you thought Clinton was worse than Trump, why did you not support dissenting delegates at the Republican National Convention and/or support the Libertarian candidate or independent candidate Evan McMullin?

If David Duke had been nominated, would you have endorsed him? Why not?

Did you realize Trump was unfit for office? When did you first realize it? Why didn’t you speak up?

Had Trump won, would you be worried about his stability and knowledge? So you were betting he’d lose?

If Trump had won, would you have had concerns about his ability to act as commander in chief and control nuclear weapons?

Are you worried Clinton might use nukes in anger? If not, isn’t it a relief she won?

If you failed to appreciate the deep flaws in Trump’s intellect, temperament and capabilities, what does that say about your judgment?

What would you say to voters who think you were intellectually dishonest in excusing Trump’s positions and rhetoric that if adopted by a Democrat would have been unacceptable?

Why did you never push Trump to release his tax returns as a condition of your support? Why did you not publicly insist he do so?

Trump did not care about “traditional marriage” and said women should be punished for having an abortion if it was illegal. Why is any GOP candidate’s position on social issues relevant if you’d support Trump?

How can you chastise Democrats for character flaws after backing Trump?

Were you embarrassed to have tolerated Trump’s egregious statements and minimized his flaws? Were you proud of your conduct?

Did you let your kids watch Trump on TV? If not, and you care about other people’s kids, how could you support him?

How can you say you put country above party?

If your main concern was preserving a GOP House majority, why couldn’t you – like other Republicans – not endorse anyone?

Can you work with Hillary Clinton? Might she be an improvement over President Obama?

Do you think Trump and your support for Trump damaged the GOP’s standing with women? Minorities? Young people?

Do you think Jack Kemp would have endorsed Trump? What about William F. Buckley Jr.?

The GOP purged the John Birchers in the 1960s. What should the party do about the “alt-right?”

Jennifer Rubin writes the Washington Post’s conservative Right Turn blog.