The Buzz 08.14.16

North Carolina: First in flight, last in aerospace jobs!

Federal judges slam-dunk the N.C. legislature again.

But the Mel Watt snake district was OK?

Pat, 0 for 2. One more strike and you’re out!

I’m voting for the crook.

Is it possible to impeach a presidential candidate?

Hillary’s economic plan: “Make ’em pay!”

Trump is a bar fight looking for an excuse to happen.

Can’t read the Observer editorial page on the balance beam.

Democrats fall in love. Republicans fall in line.

I miss the good old days when people were ashamed of being stupid.

Remember when N.C. was the “smart” Carolina?

Writing to the Buzz sure is cathartic these days.

OK, I’m officially tired of the Olympic medal biting thing.

Those numbers on the speed limit signs? That’s the maximum, not the minimum.