The Buzz 09.02.16

Mylan needs to inject some truth into its EpiPens!

Trump must’ve emailed his tax returns to Hillary.

Wonder what eight years of Trump’s emails would reveal?

The Alt Right is Alt Wrong.

Democrat safety nets: Trapping people in poverty since 1932.

Science: Facts create theory. Politics: Theory creates “facts.”

What’ve you got to lose? Everything gained since President Johnson.

CNN: Clinton News Network; ABC: Always Behind Clinton; NBC: Nobody But Clinton; CBS: Clinton Broadcasting System.

Hillary or Trump? Which Kool-Aid won’t kill me?

There are Weiners and losers.

I’ve moved the “no trespassing” sign to my roof.

Wonder if American Redoubt took solar tax credits from the government to live off the grid?

It’s 8 p.m., do you know where your headlights are?