The Buzz 09.03.16

The truth about N.C. teacher pay raises is a lie.

CMS board should meet at 6 a.m. – same time kindergarteners are at the bus stop.

Make my day Ron – take Jennifer with you!

Charlotte planning: Build winning football team, eliminate fan parking.

Cyclists on the street should be seen but not herd.

I assume the Mercedes bike-hater failed to use her signal, as is custom in Ballantyne.

The county can’t fire Jeff Wise, but somebody should.

Seems Donald has found Mitt’s Etch A Sketch.

Trump looked as welcome on the Mexican national stage as a Taco Bell.

Trump went to flooded La., visited Mexico. Hillary stayed awake for Jimmy Kimmel.

Kellyanne Conway seems to be the Queen of Pivot-No-Answer.

Mr. Wiener, your family plan has been canceled!

Kaepernick’s right. Kaepernick’s wrong.