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The Buzz 09/02/17: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

Texas is thankful it did not secede as it discussed a few years ago.

Where are all the folks who said Hurricane Sandy was the wrath of God for voting for Obama?

It's harder to keep your head buried in sand about climate change when it's under water.

Joel Osteen understands that the poor we will have with us always. But no point in having them muddy up the place.

Slavery was horrific, and any glorification of any person who fought to keep it in place is also horrific.

Rename Stonewall Street? Let’s rename Charlotte’s mayor.

Let’s rename Stonewall Street after that bar in New York.

The Confederacy was treason, not heritage.

Let me get this straight. Confederate monuments are a part of our history and must be preserved. But for indigenous people’s monuments it’s “drill, baby, drill!”

Should we really protect speech that comes from a face hidden under either a hood or a mask?

If we get the leaders we deserve, what does that make us?