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The Buzz 09/10/17: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

Think Mitch McConnell is so upset about Trump dealing with the Democrats that he’ll work to make him a one-term president?

Congressional Republicans are outraged that Trump and the Democrats actually want to accomplish something.

If Pittenger doesn’t like how he’s treated at his town halls, he can always move to another state.

We’re all socialists after a natural disaster.

Wondering how soon before Trump takes credit for all the new construction jobs in Texas and Florida.

Most Americans want to leave the Confederate statues up. Who says we don’t love losers?

That Carolinas - UNC Healthcare merger may not be good for what ails us.

Charlotte city council candidates used to run on their record. Now they run on their rap sheet.

Equifax: “To find out if your Social Security number was exposed during our recent hacking, please give us your Social Security number.”

Business leaders support DACA because it’s a great source of cheap labor.