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The Buzz 09/23/17: Anonymous comments from our readers

Did Mayor Roberts drop the city council opening prayer on the advice of counsel? Or because she’s a lame duck?

Mayor Roberts, we need more prayers, not less.

Mayor Roberts’ prayers were not answered.

What’s the difference between surge pricing and price gouging?

Trump at the U.N. was a refreshing change from the former apologist-in-chief we endured for eight years.

Trump for U.N. Secretary-General!

Trump’s speech may be the last one ever given at the U.N. by a U.S. President.

After that speech, time to teach the kids to start hiding under their desks again.

Trump has the best words. But not the words “diplomacy” or “statesmanship.”

Maybe Charlotte Uprising should pay for all the damage and costs associated with their “non-violence” last year.

Congress solves its health care problem by dumping it on the states.

Pollsters, don’t phone me. Just read my buzzes.