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The Buzz 09/24/17: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

Mayor Roberts makes it official. Charlotte Democrats do not have a prayer.

Students do better when there is less iPhone and more iPray.

Trump at the U.N. is cribbing from Khrushchev: We will bury you.

Football viewership is down, not because of the violence, but because of the commercials.

Jeff Sessions says, “Maybe science will prove me wrong.” Let me save you the suspense.

Hate speech masquerading as comedy is still hate speech.

We should keep the dreamers and deport the protesters.

Obamacare is saving lives. Berniecare will make America great again.

The people have spoken on Repeal and Replace, but the Congressional Republicans don’t care.

Give Clayton Wilcox credit. He took us all to school.

I guess it’s easier for folks to call Hillary a flawed candidate than admit they were snookered by fake news from a hostile foreign government.

The new Ally Bank skyscraper just looks like a 26-story billboard.