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The Buzz 09/30/17: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

The Saints knelt before the game; the Panthers knelt during the game.

I don’t say those NFLers don’t have a right to do what they are doing. I am saying what they are doing isn’t right.

Possibly these NFL players disrespecting our flag have had severe concussions.

We now have the Unamerican Football League.

If teams are so sensitive, they should refuse to play the Patriots.

Let’s see if Puckett also defends offended taxpayers when Trump wants the stadium.

Don’t the gladiators know that they’re supposed to stay in their pens when they’re not fighting each other for our entertainment?

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Trump attacked NFL while Puerto Rico suffers.

Tweet others as you would want to be tweeted.

Can’t wait to repeal and replace the Republicans.

How does Dagwood Bumstead stay so slim? He eats junk at Lou’s diner, massive sandwiches at home, sleeps on the job and naps all weekend, and never works out.