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The Buzz 10/01/17: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

Kim Jong Un? How can we be afraid of a guy who wears the same pantsuits as Hillary Clinton?

Commissioner Puckett, free speech afforded by the First Amendment is not offensive.

The White House is a taxpayer-supported facility. I’m very offended by what goes on in there.

Trump doesn’t want football players to take a knee, just take a brain-damaging blow to the head for our entertainment.

Perhaps if the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico took a knee they could get President Trump’s attention.

Taking a knee is less harmful than voting for Trump.

Stephen Curry wasn’t brought up right, he was brought up Left.

Apparently The Swamp is a landing strip for private planes.

I actually preferred the swamp to this current cesspool.

Jared Kushner uses a private server for his emails? Lock him up!

Adidas gives a whole new meaning to “basketball sneakers.”

We need less Moore in the Senate.