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The Buzz 10/14/17: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

Our health care still relies on leeches. They’re now called doctors and insurance companies.

President Trump is hamstringing the ACA. If Obamacare fails, it’s Trump’s fault.

So businesses can now “band together to negotiate benefits”? I though the GOP hated unions.

We’d be in good shape if Trump cared about the nation as much as he cares about trashing Obama.

Tillis and Burr are suffering from Potomac Fever, resulting in a case of weak knees.

Reminder to football players: kneeling is a signal you have no intention to advance.

Apparently, the National Football League isn’t national after all.

The three amigos: Roger Ailes, Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump.

Trump’s learned from Obama. He doesn’t need congressional victories as long as he’s got his Bic Pen.

Love triangle: Trump loves Hannity who loves Trump who loves Trump.

I’m fine with girls joining the Boy Scouts. But don’t let the boys bake the cookies.