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The Buzz 10/22/17: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

Instead of “the dog ate my homework,” kids now can blame “Russian hacking.”

If UNC did not break any NCAA rules, why do we need the NCAA? Or rules?

NCAA fumbled, UNC recovered.

What did the White House know about Niger and when did they know it?

Why aren’t the Republicans screaming about Niger like they did Benghazi?

Turns out Trump’s check to that deceased serviceman’s family wasn’t in the mail after all.

I hope Trump watched the PBS series on Vietnam as he considers dealing with North Korea.

The Democrats had Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein, yet it’s the Republicans who have a “war on women?”

It’s ironic that the Affordable Care Act may be done in by cheap health insurance.

Congress wants to stop deaths from opioid abuse. Deaths from guns? Sorry, nothing we can do.

It doesn’t matter who we elect for city council. Developers rule in Charlotte.

Can Charlotte go from HB2 to HQ2?