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The Buzz 11/12/17: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

Thou shalt not hide behind the Ten Commandments.

I can’t stand one Moore scandal.

Roy Moore’s relationship with those girls sounds touching to Alabama Republicans.

Alabama considers replacing Roy Moore with Christopher Plummer.

Rock stars have their groupies. Hollywood has their grope-ies.

So how does an FBI agent afford a $6,000 Rolex in the first place?

That 92-year-old veteran may not have had a diploma, but we could all learn from him.

America First or NRA First?

Trump’s bone spurs didn’t bother him for this Vietnam visit.

Trump may have hurt Kenny Smith, but memories of Pat McCrory didn’t help either.

Jennifer Roberts may soon leave the Government Center, but her comrades will rule on.

I wanted to vote for the best people, but they didn’t run.

Yes, Virginia IS the Santa Claus!