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The Buzz 02/04/18: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

Move the NFL stadium? Can't wait to fight Panthers game day traffic AND Carowinds traffic at the same time.

This year’s Super Bowl is like the 2016 presidential election. Most of us wish both sides could lose.

Is it Morning in America again, or the morning after?

Is Melania giving Donald a mulligan?

Donald Trump is the Dilly Dilly President.

If Democrats get a response to the State of the Union, why don’t Republicans get a response to the Grammies?

Before you get too twisted that the Dems dissed your boy, be grateful nobody screamed out “You Lie!” Or did you forget about that?

When Trump calls for unity, he’s really telling everyone to get in line, or else.

Whoever thought the Law and Order party would try to destroy the FBI?

We need body cameras on FBI agents.

Watch out, Trump. Remember, Deep Throat was an FBI agent.

All dreams matter!