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The Buzz 02/28/28: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

The Family Values Party has lost its values.

300 million guns and the Republicans say it’s a mental health issue? They’re right. They’re crazy.

For the love of God, don’t start defending the gun.

Gun-free zones are hazardous to your health.

We need action, not thoughts and prayers!

My prayers are for legislators to start growing backbones.

Three groups that support gun control: Communists, Nazis, and Democrats.

If Democrats are so worried about children’s lives, why don’t they ban abortions instead of guns?

Forget gun control. Build a big, beautiful wall around every school.

The nation sees something and says something all the time, but Congress won’t impeach him.

Motor Voter is a greater threat to our elections than Russia.

If Trump wants a military parade, he can just go to any military base.

“Oh, Stormy, oh, Stormy, bring back that sunny day,” Trump was overheard to hum.