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The Buzz 02/25/18: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

When your children are leaders and your leaders are children, you know change is coming.

The Florida legislators pretty much told their high school kids to drop dead.

Things are rarely so bad that Congress can’t make them worse.

Who actually looks at the ads, fake or real, on Facebook?

FBI: Failed, Botched Investigation.

Want to see a serious teacher shortage? Allow concealed carry in schools and require teachers be armed.

How long is it appropriate to wait before we say again that there are more opioid deaths than gun deaths?

Burr and Tillis won’t bite the NRA hand that feeds them.

An uncompromised man would condemn Russia.

Trump is just jealous of Oprah because she really is a self-made billionaire.

Fergie made the National Anthem take a knee.

Jim Bakker is still Jim Faker.

What made NoDa is now no mo’.